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Community Classes  //

Tai Chai for Arthritis

Tai Chi uses slow, gentle, fluid movement which can improve balance, reduce stress

and offer arthritis pain relief.  This class is specifically created for people with arthritis

and is based on Dr. Lams course which is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. 

Tai Chi has been shown to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve sleep and give you

more energy.


Dates & info:

Tai Chi (Beginnning class) Saturdays 11am-12pm 

TBD - please check back for future dates

Cost $100 for 6wks


Instructor: Mary Thuente MSPT


Tai Chi (Advanced class) Saturdays

TBD - please contact us if interested


New Classes coming soon

Balance & Fall Prevention

This is an evidence based program that focuses on improving balance and strength, as well as reducing fear of falling.  Each participant will complete a balance evaluation prior to starting class.  This allows us to adjust the class to meet everyone's needs.


Dates & info:


Wednesdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Dates TBD

Cost $150 for 8 weeks

     *Please note that the first & last class times are for pre-testing & post-testing to individually assess your balance. This allows us to create a program that will meet each person's needs.  Testing will be scheduled between 11:30am - 1:30pm on May 25th & July 13th, and each person's test should take about 30 min.


Instructors:  Ann Bote PT,  Mary Thuente MSPT