Monday  through Friday       7:30am to 7pm

Saturday                             8am to 4pm

// Treatments that we offer  //
  •   Manual Therapy

  •   Therapeutic Exercises

  •   Trigger Point Dry   Needling (TDN)

  •   Post-surgical  Rehabilitation

  •   Balance Training & Fall prevention

  •   Pain management

  •   Gait Training

  •   Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

  •   Sports Medicine

Did you know that insurance can cover Physical Therapy without getting a referral from your doctor?

Most insurance companies now allow for direct access to a Physical Therapist without requiring a referral from a doctor or other healthcare practitioner.  This benefit includes evaluation from a Physical Therapist as well as ongoing treatment.


If you would like to know if this is a benefit of your insurance, please contact us at 303-838-7444.

// We are here to help! //
  • Have you experienced an injury or illness that limits your ability to perform normal activities?

  • Is pain limiting your ability to participate in your desired activities such as playing with your grandchildren?

  • Do you need assistance continuing to participate in a sport that you love?

  • Do you need guidance to get back your mobility or strength?

  • Are you tired of your back or neck bothering you on a regular basis?

  • Are you looking for a quality physical therapist in the Conifer, Pine, or Bailey area because you don't want to drive down the hill?

Whether your goal is to spend time with your grandchildren, go hiking in the foothills, or cycle the mountain passes, our physical therapists are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal. We believe our job is to empower our patients with the skills, strength, flexibility, coordination and balance needed to live the life they desire.

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