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Is Physical Therapy the Answer to Back Pain Relief?

Improve plantar fasciitis with physical therapy and get on the right foot again

Many of the people we encounter as physical therapists have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with neck or low back pain. While these areas of the spine are common locations for pain, it is important to look at the spine as a whole when addressing pathology.

A look at the whole back

The section of the spine that connects your neck (known as the cervical spine) to your low back (the lumbar spine) is called the thoracic spine. Although it is the longest section of your spine, the thoracic area is often overlooked and under-treated. Thoracic vertebrae have a unique role in that they provide attachments for the ribs. Because of this, your thoracic spine helps to stabilize your rib cage, and your rib cage, in turn, helps stabilize your thoracic spine. Optimal positioning and movement of the thoracic spine is needed to provide enough support for your ribs to protect your vital organs and enough mobility to allow for the movements of inhalation and exhalation while breathing.

Common symptoms of mid back pain

Common symptoms of thoracic spine pathology include mid back stiffness, sharp mid back pain or persistent mid back soreness. Typically, these symptoms are the result of overuse injuries (repetitive movements), trauma (such as a sports injury or whiplash because of an auto accident), muscle tension, or poor posture.

How PTs can help with back pain relief

Physical therapists are highly trained movement specialists and trained to look for the underlying pathology of your pain. After a thorough evaluation, your therapist will determine if PTs is most appropriate for your back pain and either set you up for a personalized care plan or make recommendations for further assessments before they begin PT rehab. Physical therapy treatment may include stretching, strengthening, use of dry needling, and postural training to improve thoracic spine mobility and reduce your pain.

Why PT in Conifer?

Are you looking for back pain relief? Here at Conifer Physical Therapy, we strive to help all our patients get the best care possible for any discomfort you are experiencing. We provide outstanding physical therapy in Aspen Park (located at the Village at Aspen Park) and serve the highway 285 corridor and communities of Conifer, Pine, Bailey, Evergreen and beyond. Come to Conifer PT if you are looking for a personal and private treatment with your dedicated, graduate-level physical therapist.

To schedule an appointment or for more information please call us at 303-838-7444.



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