Conifer Physical Therapy was founded in 2014 by Mary Thuente, PT, MSPT, and is a locally owned and operated physical therapy clinic. 

Located in beautiful Conifer, Colorado, Conifer Physical Therapy serves the 285 corridor including Conifer, Bailey, Pine and Evergreen.

We are committed to efficiently delivering quality service to our patients which is why we only offer one on one (PT to patient) visits. We do not utilize aides or assistants. 

We believe that each patient is unique and comes for treatment with their own set of individual symptoms/problems, and deserves to be evaluated and treated based on their individual case, not as a predetermined diagnosis.

As biomechanical & movement experts, we can evaluate why you are having pain, help you alleviate your pain, and show you how to keep the pain from coming back.


We offer a supportive and educational atmosphere and believe that our patients are important members of the rehabilitative team. Our clinic is locally owned and operated, and our therapists understand the unique circumstances and challenges of living in a mountain community.