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Experience the Benefits of Exercise for Your Body and Mind

Conifer Physical Therapy believes that you deserve to meet your movement goals, from running to safely navigating daily living

Investing in your physical and mental wellbeing is one of the greatest goals you can foster. One of the simplest ways you can enhance your body and brain is with exercise. Engaging in regular physical activity offers numerous advantages, such as combating depression and anxiety, promoting emotional stability, boosting self-control, lowering the risk of dementia, improving academic performance, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, enhancing insulin resistance, reducing blood pressure, boosting energy level, improving sleep, and increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is a molecule that can repair brain cells and enhance learning and memory. While BDNF production wanes with age, exercise can stimulate BDNF production, making it an invaluable tool to sharpen your mental acuity and overall wellbeing!

Take a moment to reflect on the specific types of exercise that you find enjoyable and consider how you can integrate them into your daily routine. Although it is recommended to allocate 30-60 minutes for physical activity five days a week, it may be more practical to start with a smaller, attainable goal and gradually increase exercise over time. Consistency is key to building lasting habits and long-term success. You can take the first step today by taking a brief walk during your lunch break or following a 10-minute workout video on YouTube. Simply initiating movement is an incredibly powerful tool that can assist you in achieving both your physical and mental wellness goals.


Perhaps pain or injury have prevented you from engaging in the activities you once enjoyed. Maybe time and life have simply not been in your favor, and now your negative self-talk keeps tells you you’re not good enough or shouts that you’ll never be in shape again.


Don't let that negative inner voice keep you on the couch or prevent you from getting the rehabilitation you need to move pain-free again. Today’s the day to make exercise a daily priority and experience incredible, tangible benefits for your body and mind. At Conifer Physical Therapy, we believe that you are capable of movement and deserve each of the benefits that exercise brings to your health and well-being! If we can assist you in reaching your movement goals, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for any of your physical therapy needs: 303-838-7444



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