January 2018

New Years Resolutions...and tips to keep them.

Happy New Year! With a new year comes the New Year's resolutions.  many of you are probably already wondering "how long will I be able to keep my resolutions this year?"  to kick off the first Conifer Physical Therapy blog I wanted to give some advice on how you can keep your New Year's resolutions this year with three easy tips.

The first tip I have is to wrist your resolutions down.  When we put things in writing...

February 2018

Diagnostic Imaging and pain

This month I wanted to talk about a pretty sensitive topic.  Diagnostic imaging and pain.  The common thought about imaging such as x-rays, MRI's, and CT scans is that when someone has abnormal finding with these tools they believe they have found the absolute cause of their pain.  This is not 100% true.  There are many research articles that have looked at the accuracy of comparing imaging findings to pain levels.  Here are some examples of their findings...

March 2018

The Incredible Human Body

As I was watching the Winter Olympics the past few weeks, I am reminded at how incredible the human body is.  The abilities of the athletes were astonishing!  Every sport from curling to downhill skiing requiring their own specific set of amazing skills in order to perform at the highest level of competition. 

With curling, the athletes have to be able...

April 2018

Blog coming soon

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